Christina is a certified Military Relocation Professional. She has received training and certification to work with military families at every stage in their military careers and provide them with the best professional assistance during the moving process. 

Here is a list of four benefits to working with a Military Relocation Professional:

1. You will be working with someone who understands your needs and timetable

Moving can be stressful for everyone, no matter their situation. However, having a very specific timetable can make the process even more stressful. Working with someone who has a keen understanding of your needs and particular schedule can help to ease this stress and make the moving process much simpler.  

2. Your moving experience will be simpler, faster and far less stressful

Working with a MRP can not only lessen the stress of moving, but can also help to make the process simpler and faster. This is because they are already knowledgeable about all of the necessary steps and will be able to do the work for you. This can allow you the time to finish what you need to do before the move and can provide you with a peace of mind knowing that someone else understands your timetable and is on top what needs to done. 

3. You will be working with a professional who can identify services that will help you buy or sell a home

Unsure about all of the services and benefits available to you? A Military Relocation Professional knows and understands what services are available to you as a member of the military and can help direct you to them. 

4. You will work with someone who understands and can explain VA financing  

A Military Relocation Professional has a keen understanding of VA financing and the unique process that comes along with using a VA loan. If you have questions or are confused along the way, working with a MRP will enable you to have someone you can go to who can provide you with explanations that will ensure your questions get answered.