Your home will stand out above the rest! ✨ 

The journey to sell real estate is always 100% about YOU.  I'm here to strategize and listen to your needs and goals so I can best help you achieve them!

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If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that buyers love looking at gorgeous home pictures - and lots of them!

For every listing, I partner with the best professional photographers and videographers in the area to make sure that your home is shown in it's best light. As an added bonus, I love using drones to get jaw-dropping exterior shots.

I know people don't go to Facebook hoping to buy a Dayton home, but the people who are buying Dayton homes ARE on Facebook.

That's why I use Facebook's advanced targeting technology to strategically place your home in front of thousands of potential buyers. On average, my listing advertisements are seen by nearly 10,000 Dayton area residents.

Without an attractive digital presence, your home may be passed over at first glance. Using staged photos instead of vacant photos can give you the visual edge you need to get buyers through the door. 

You'll have the opportunity to work with the best staging professionals in the area to ensure that your home is excelling at first impressions.





Understanding the techniques of negotiation is one thing, but using them effectively takes practice. I've spent the past twelve years negotiating and advocating on behalf of my clients, their best interests, and their real estate goals.

I LOVE guiding and advising from Day 1 until years after the closing day! I take pride in being in your corner and strive to be someone you can always count on. I have your back!

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At the end of the day, it's not about me. It's about YOU. Your satisfaction is my number one priority, no matter what. I promise to do everything in my power to ensure that your real estate experience and journey as a homeowner is easy, memorable, and awesome. 

Whether you're looking for a contractor to remodel your basement, a landscaper to boost your curb appeal, or a great pizza shop that delivers to your new neighborhood, I am happy to help and just a phone call away!

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