Boro Bistro, 722 N Main St, Springboro, OH 45066

Fresh produce, baked not fried entrees, and a relaxing atmosphere add unbeatable charm to this Springboro dining staple.

"The best veggie pizza I have ever eaten!"

"Awesome menu variety - always something new and exciting to choose from."

China Cottage, 784 N. Main St. Springboro, OH 45066

This well-loved local chain offers a cozy, quiet space to enjoy one of the 85 authentic Chinese dishes on the menu.

"The Rock Salt Pork is out of this world, I could live off the stuff."

"Our go-to Friday night take out! Most of the time, it's ready within 15 minutes."

Doubleday's Grill & Tavern, 776 N Main St, Springboro, OH 45066

Doubleday's is famous for their massive menu of comfort food and "monster" pizza that you have to see to believe.

"Huge portions at totally reasonable prices."

"The half-slab of ribs is outstanding and the service is second to none."

Mainstreet Deli, 465 North Main Street, Springboro, OH 45066

Fast service, friendly employees, and fresh ingredients - all the makings of a top-notch deli!

"I absolutely love that I can order my food in advance and then drive thru their drive thru to pick it up."

"Best sub in the Dayton area. SO generous with their portions!"