Dated No More. Blogger Julia's kitchen was full of oak cabinetry and really not much else. Julia completely overhauled it using IKEA cabinetry and DIY concrete countertops. 

Image: Julia Marcum / Chris Loves Julia

Maximized Space. Blogger Corey's kitchen was nothing spectacular. The one thing that stood out was its' size. The faux brick wall and new flooring are doing wonders! You can really appreciate the high ceilings after this renovation. 

Image: Corey Decker / Sawdust 2 Stitches

Vintage TLC. If you're lucky enough to find a vintage cottage, don't let a bad kitchen derail you. Vintage homes are full of personality and sometimes they just need a little TLC. 

Image: Stacey Risenmay / Not Just a Housewife 

Cabinet Rescue. It is possible to fall in love with a house that has a bit of a beige situation when it comes to cabinetry. Elisha overhauled her kitchen in two months and built her own cabinetry! But for those of us who are less skills, try repainting your cabinets. 

Image: Elisha Albretsen / Pneumatic Addict 

Layered Living. Sometimes you just have to start fresh, which is what Lindsay did. If you can't or won't make the current situation work, then just rip it and start over. 

Image: Lindsay Jackman / The White Buffalo Styling Co. 

From Dull to Distinctive. With a little love and elbow grease you can turn your dull and boring laundry room into something that will make you want to do laundry everyday! Updating the flooring and using a sheet of plywood to build the countertops  make your laundry room really stand out.

Image: Mandi Gubler / Vintage Revivals