#1: You'll Have to Get Out of Your Home

It's nothing personal towards you, but Realtors want you out of the house when it is being shown. You want prospective buyers to feel as comfortable as possible exploring your home, speaking openly, and beginning to make it their own. 

#2: Be Prepared for Lowball Offers

No need to get discouraged or frustrated. Any offer is a good offer because it shows interest! Generating offers early on in the process is the name of the game and pricing based on market data will effectively draw prospects and bids at the right price. 

#3: It's All About the Little Things

First impressions matter, especially in places like the entrance way. If a prospective buyer notices things like a loose door knob, broken screen doors, and faulty drains, they will assume that sort of pattern carries over to the larger items as well. Don't brush over the little things. 

#4: You Want Me to Clean/Paint/Remove What?

It can be hard to swallow negative criticism of your house, but this is a big part of selling your home. You might think that each complaint, no matter how small, is a blow to your design and vision you had of your home. But the reality is this info can help you sell your home!

#5: You Might Get No-Shows

Sadly, no-shows are yet another common experience people have when they are selling their home. Try not to take them personally. When home buyers are looking at houses sometimes things come up where they can't make it to your house that day. Just remember as a home seller to not take it to heart.