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1. Insulate your pipes

The cold of winter can bring back fond memories of sledding in the snow or sipping a warm cup of hot cocoa by the fireplace. However, it can also create some unpleasant memories like pipes bursting from the cold. Take precautions to help prevent this from occurring by ensuring that your pipes stay warm and insulated. 

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2. Prepare your fireplace 

A warm fire can make a cold winter day feel cozy and comfortable, so taking steps to ensure that your fireplace will stay safe and warm throughout the winter is well worth the effort. Taking the time to get your fireplace cleaned and inspected can help ensure that you are ready for the cold months ahead. 

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3. Search for drafts 

To prevent the chilly feeling of winter air sneaking into your home, take the time to search for places where you might experience drafts. Once you have located them, be sure to take measures to fix them and ensure that your home stays warm and cozy throughout winter.

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4. Clean out your gutters

Taking the time to clean out your gutters can help prevent what is in them from freezing into a big mess that can result in roof damage and water problems in the basement. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, ensuring that your gutters are cleaned out before winter can help prevent issues like these. 

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5. Get your furnace inspected 

Help ensure that your home stays safe and warm during winter by contacting a professional to inspect your furnace. This will enable a professional to ensure that your furnace is operating both safely and efficiently. 

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6. Check for damaged limbs

Be sure to take a look around the yard and search for damaged limbs that could break and cause damage to your home. If you are not sure you can safely do this yourself, be sure to contact a professional who can ensure you home stays safe during the winter months. 

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7. Prepare winter equipment

Ensure that you are prepared for the first snowfall by purchasing and preparing your winter equipment. Making sure your snow blower is working and that you have enough salt and snow shovels set aside can ensure that you are prepared for snow removal. 

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8. Check roof for missing or damaged shingles 

To help prepare your home for winter, be sure to have your roof checked for missing or damaged shingles. This will help prevent leaks from occurring during the winter months.

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9. Prepare Your Yard

Rake leaves, trim landscaping, bring in flowerpots and do whatever else is necessary to ensure that your yard and landscaping are fully prepared for the freezing winter months. 

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10. Protect outdoor furniture 

Ensure that your outdoor furniture stays protected by either covering them or storing them somewhere indoors that will protect them from the winter weather. This will ensure that they remain in good condition so that you can resume using them once the weather begins to warm up again.